Freedom High School Summer Band Course

Summer Band is a required course of all students who participate in the Freedom Band Program.

All students receive a grade and 0.5 credits for Summer Band as part of Summer School. It is equivalent to the number of hours a student would spend in a class for an entire semester.

Over the course of the ten days, band students will receive instruction in fundamental & advanced concepts on their instruments as well as fundamentals of the marching program.  Guard students will receive instruction in body control and movement, flag fundamentals and routines, and weapon fundamentals and routines.  All students will begin the process of learning the 2014 Marching Band Show music and drill.


  • July 28-July 31 (Mon-Thurs) - 8am-5pm
  • August 4-7 (Mon-Thurs) - 8am-5pm
  • August 8 (Fri) - 1pm-5pm (BBQ at 5:30pm & Premiere Show at 6:30pm)
  • August 11 (Mon) - Band Performance - First Day of School for Teachers - 7:30am-8:00am
  • August 12 (Tues) - 1pm-7pm
  • August 14 (Thurs) - 1pm-5:00pm
  • August 14 (Thurs) - 6pm-7:30pm - Band Performance at “Meet the Teacher”

  • Bring your instrument, accessories, mouthpiece, or guard equipment every day.
  • WE WILL BE OUTSIDE IN THE MORNING. Wear light-weight and light-colored shorts and t-shirts in the morning.  Wear athletic shoes. No jeans, long-sleeved shirts, or sandals.
  • WE WILL BE INSIDE IN THE AFTERNOON. Bring a change of clothes & deodorant for the afternoon.
  • BRING and WEAR sunscreen.
  • BRING and DRINK lots of water. NO SODA OR ENERGY DRINKS. Your first water break should be when you get in the car to come to school.
  • EAT BREAKFAST - simple protein & complex carbohydrates.
  • BRING or EAT the provided lunch every day.  Students will not be allowed campus to leave campus for lunch.

TEXT UDPATES via REMIND101: 941-444-5208

Parent Text Group List

Student Text Group List

Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Chaperones Group List
Each individual class will receive their group codes during classes or at each event.

Official Freedom High School Band Calendar:


The weekly news update is emailed at the beginning of each week. To receive the weekly update, add your email address to your student’s contact information.

1. Visit
2. Your “Student Area Password” is your OCPS student id number.
3. Click “Update Info” to add your current information.

Summer Band students will have their own opportunity to check out textbooks on the afternoon of Thursday, July 31 (BEFORE THE REST OF THE SCHOOL!).

Early textbook checkout is a privilege for students who are current with obligations. Students who are not current may check out materials on the first day of school.

DO NOT ASSUME you have cleared your obligations!
(no rising 9th grader has an obligation)

1. Clear any outstanding obligations
2. Have a valid Freedom High School ID card.
  • Replacement cards can be purchased for $5.00
  • Incoming 9th grade students are encouraged to bring their middle school ID to speed up the process or come to the campus during the summer months to get their FHS ID in advance.)
3. Plan to get all textbooks.
4. Be prepared to get a locker: $2.00 charge.
5. Parking decal purchase is $75.00 for eligible students.

Do I have an obligation?
  1. Visit
  2. Click on “Freedom High School”
  3. Click on “Login” (top right hand corner)
  4. User Name is your OCPS student number
  5. Password is your birthdate: MMDDYYYY or YYYYMMDD
  6. Click on “My Info” to see your obligations

Show Reveal 2014:

Banquet Slideshow 2014:

State MPA 2014
Wind Ensemble (STRAIGHT SUPERIORS) - Otto J. Kraushaar Award - First Time in School History
* The Klaxon - Henry Fillmore
* Trio from Act III of Der Rosenkavalier - Richard Strauss
* Armenian Dances - Alfred Reed

District MPA 2014:

* The Klaxon - Henry Fillmore
* Courtly Airs and Dances - 1 - Ron Nelson
* Courtly Airs and Dances - 2
* Courtly Airs and Dances - 3
* Courtly Airs and Dances - 5
* Courtly Airs and Dances - 6
* Armenian Dances - Alfred Reed

District MPA 2014:
* Lafayette Escadrille - John Edmondson
* Peregrin - Douglas Akey
* English Suite - 1 - Michael Golemo
* English Suite - 2
* English Suite - 3

University of Central Florida - Percussion Ensemble Day:
Freedom High School Percussion Ensemble

Guest Conductor Workshop 2014:
Dr. Joseph Parisi, Associate Director of Bands, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Pride of the Patriots 2013:
Straight Superiors (eleventh year in a row)

Pride of the Patriots 2013:
Timber Creek Marching Arts Festival

Summer Band 2013:

Show Reveal 2013:

Banquet Slideshow 2013:

Percussion Guest Artist Workshop 2013:
Gwen Burgett, Director of Percussion Studies, Michigan State University

Orlando Predator Game 2013:
Freedom High School “Pride of the Patriots” presents the halftime show

Percussive Arts Society - Florida Chapter - Day of Percussion 2013:
Freedom High School Percussion Ensemble

District MPA 2013:
* The Invincibles - John Edmondson
* Fanfare Ode and Festival - 1 - Timothy Broege
* Fanfare Ode and Festival - 2 - Timothy Broege
* Fanfare Ode and Festival - 3 - Timothy Broege
* A Tallis Prelude part 1 - Douglas Akey
* A Tallis Prelude part 2 - Douglas Akey

Guest Conductor Workshop 2013:
Mr. Richard Floyd, Music Director, University Interscholastic League, State of Texas

New York Percussive Arts Society Weekend of Percussion 2013:
Workshop with Markus Rhoten, timpanist, New York Philharmonic

New York Percussive Arts Society Weekend of Percussion 2013:
Student Showcase Performance featuring Freedom High School Percussion Ensemble

Pride of the Patriots 2012:
Straight Superiors (tenth year in a row)

Show Reveal 2012:

Percussion Guest Artist Workshop 2012:
Dr. John Parks, Director of Percussion Studies, Florida State University

WGI 2012:
Gold Medal - Scholastic Open Class

Music for All National Festival 2012:

Wind Ensemble at the National Concert Band Festival:
* Ballet Music from “Macbeth” - Giuseppe arr. Eiji Suzuki
** First Movement
** Second Movement
** Third Movement
* Elegy - John Barnes Chance
* Trittico - Vaclav Nelhybel
** First Movement
** Second Movement
** Third Movement

Percussion Ensemble at the Sandy Feldstein National Percussion Festival:
* Ritual Music - David Skidmore
* Stormbreak - Jim Casella
* Xylophonia - Joe Green
* Symphony No. 1, Movement 2 - Alexander Tcherpnin
* The Heat of the Day - Pat Metheny

Concert Bands at the Music for All National Festival:

Do You Believe in Music?:

Banquet Slideshow 2012:

District MPA 2012:
Symphonic Band (OVERALL SUPERIOR):
* Normandy Beach - John Edmondson
* Shaker Gift Song - Frank Ticheli
* Sinfonia VI - Timothy Broege

Guest Conductor Workshop 2012:
Jack Crew, Tallahassee, Florida

Pride of the Patriots 2011:

Percussion Guest Artist Workshop 2011:
Kevin Bobo, Director of Percussion Studies, Indiana University

State MPA 2011:
* British Eighth - Zo Elliot
* Pageant - Vincent Persichetti
* The Merry Widow - Franz Lehar arr. Eiji Suziki

District MPA 2011:
* Our Heritage - Karl King
* Country Wildflowers - Larry Daehn
* Sonatna for Band - Frank Erickson
** Movement One
** Movement Two
** Movement Three

* British Eighth - Zo Elliot
* Immovable Do - Percy Grainger
* The Merry Widow - Franz Lehar arr. Eiji Suziki

Pride of the Patriots 2010:

State MPA 2010:
* American's We - Henry Fillmore
* Themes from Green Bushes - Percy Aldridge Grainger arr. Larry Daehn
* Selections from the Danserye - Tielman Susato arr. Patrick Dunnigan

District MPA 2010
Symphonic Band (OVERALL SUPERIOR):
* Ft. Canterbury March - David Holsinger
* English Suite - Michael Golemo
** Mvmt 1
** Mvmt 2
** Mvmt 3
* Peregrin: A Traveler's Tale

* American's We - Henry Fillmore
* Trio from Act III of Der Rosenkavalier - Richard Strauss
* Incantation and Dance - John Barnes Chance

Show Reveal 2010:

Pride of the Patriots 2009:

Show Reveal 2009: